Is Your Brand Prepared For Crisis Communication?

As the entire world has seen over the last twelve months, it would be an understatement to say that crises are unavoidable. This is why crisis communication is so vital to a brand’s social media strategy.

How should your brand integrate “In Case of Emergency” communications into your brand messaging?

Ask yourself, “what happened when a crisis event did occur?” Were you on top of it? Did you find yourself scrambling for the right images? The right verbiage?

Keep in mind the role of social media during these events. According to a PEW study, about half of Americans get their news from social media. Diving deeper, 73% of users get their news from you guessed it… Facebook.

When it comes to crisis events here are Hootesuite’s 10 useful tips for social media usage during a crisis or emergency:

  1. Review—and possibly pause—your upcoming social calendar to avoid coming across as tone-deaf to your audience.
  2. Have a social media policy in place so that your organization is all on the same page.
  3. Identify a “tiger” team of dedicated specialists who will own the mission of crisis communication for your brand.
  4. Make sure employees are aware of your organization’s position on the crisis at hand.
  5. Always communicate with honesty, openness, and compassion.
  6. Only cite credible sources.
  7. Use social media listening to track audience sentiment around your brand and monitor what other brands are doing. 
  8. Avoid “trend-jacking,” or activities that appear profit-driven.
  9. Leave room for questions from your audience and be prepared to answer them.
  10. Don’t disappear, and take responsibility if necessary.

Remember, your audience trusts you. Be honest and transparent. Do your best to collect the most correct information you can before you post. Make sure these sources are credible. When in doubt, ask. Reach out and ask if you can’t find a good source. Keep in mind others may know or be able to help. And finally: Leave room for questions. Leave your posts open for dialogue.

As long as you are listening to your fans, they will listen to you.