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Over the first two months of the campaign, CTV ads were delivered over 350,000 times across multiple connected TV devices. The average completed view rate for the ads was 99.98%. In terms of e-comm activity, 3,681 users who were exposed to the CTV ad later visited the home & garden center’s online shop. The cost per website visitor was $2.47. Of those who were exposed to the ad and visited the online shop, 718 added items to their shopping cart. Of those users, 34% users converted, or clicked to “View Cart.”


Campaign Objective

A local garden & home center was looking to expand brand awareness across its four locations and drive traffic to it’s online shop ahead of the spring season.


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A Connected TV campaign was used to serve premium 15 second video ads featuring promotional messaging to a targeted audience across a wide range of streaming services via their connected televisions.

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To build a relevant audience, homeowners near and in the surrounding areas of four store locations were targeted with CTV ads.

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Behavioral targeting was also used to reach those who were interested in gardening, outdoor items, or home improvement based on their online browsing behaviors,

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On top of this, a custom audience was built around a customer list provided by the home & garden center. A lookalike audience was then built based off of this list to expand reach to a similar target audience.